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December 28,2007

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Home Builders Association of Mississippi

2007 "Best of Mississippi"

Category - Kitchen Remodel

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See Before and After Pictures

Out with the Old,


Kitchen remodel wins Tupelo builder
a Best in Mississippi award.


Daily Journal

TUPELO - When Wendy Todd bought her home in Highland Circle in September 2006, she knew the kitchen was going to need an update.
   Built in 1931, the home had been well-maintained, but the kitchen was dated, with knotted-pine paneling, dark appliances and an old linoleum floor.
   "We knew going in that a total kitchen remodel was absolutely necessary," said Todd. "But the neighborhood made up for the fact that we knew we were going to have to do that."
   Todd hired Lynn Bryan of Lynn Bryan Construction LLC to do the remodel, which took about six weeks.
   And the job won him the Best in Mississippi Award in the Single Family Remodeling of a Kitchen or Bath category at the Home Builders Association of Mississippi's 13th Annual Best in Mississippi and Remodeling Awards ceremony in November.
   The Home Builders Association of Mississippi is a trade organization affiliated with local builder associations and the National Home Association of Home Builders. Its goal is to improve the conditions in the housing industry in Mississippi.
   "What surprised me most that it won is that it's just so simple," said Bryan. "A lot of folks do kitchens and they go over the top. There's a fine line of knowing when to stop, when you've done enough. Wendy knew when to stop. She didn't go overboard."
    Bryan began the remodel in January and finished it in mid-February. During that time, the Todds moved out of the home and stayed with family.
    "I always tell people when they talk about remodeling their kitchens that if they don't have to live in it while the work's being done, then don't," Todd said.
    When it was all said and done, the kitchen went from being dark and dreary to being white, light and sunny. One judge at the HBAM contest said: "This is now a very bright and cheerful kitchen."

From darkness to light

    The 75-year-old kitchen came with some problems. For one thing, the floor wasn't level and that created some extra work. And the entire galvanized plumbing system had to be replaced. Finally, the hot water tank was moved into the attic.
    "Things are put in odd places in older houses," Todd said, "The hot water heater was in the pantry in the back of the kitchen. We did a tankless hot water heater in the attic and you never run out of
hot water. I liked that feature a lot."
    In fact, the tankless hot water heater was the first one Bryan had ever installed. Now he's put one in his own home and about a half dozen other houses.
    "They're great," he said. "You control them from a box on the wall in the kitchen."

    However, the greatest challenge from Todd to Bryan may have been her most important directive: Keep the kitchen's historic look but make it contemporary.

    "I wanted to keep it as original as I could to the time period - old Colonial - but modernize it at the same time,"Todd said.
    Todd chose an apron-style sink and kept the look of the wall-mounted faucet over the sink. The antique glass blocks behind the stove, which are original to the house, also stayed.
    Bryan suggested the Todds keep the dark knotted-pine Pickwick paneling on the walls and paint over it.
    "Even though it was getting painted, it added depth and texture to the walls," Bryan said. "Being able to salvage enough of it was a challenge."
    Todd also knew from the beginning that she wanted a light, sunny kitchen.
    "She knew what she wanted - plain white cabinets, an apron sink, the faucet coming out of the walls," Bryan said. "She picked out everything herself."
    Todd chose stainless steel appliances for the kitchen, Caesar Stone countertops, designer track lighting, pendant lighting over the breakfast room table and beige floor tile.
    "My husband told me to get it the way I wanted it, so I got everything I wanted," she said. "It turned out beautifully."

Reprinted with permission of the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal


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